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In last month’s blog, we discussed the many tools Levarté Travel members have at their disposal to build up their career in travel. This month, we’ll take it a step further by highlighting the training opportunities members have to gain more industry knowledge and become...

You think Black Friday is busy for retailers; you should think about Travel Advisors and Agents the same way for a more extended period, through Wave Season. Wave Season is the first three months of each year when most travel is scheduled for summer vacations...

“Dreams do come true!” says founder and CEO Lori Speers FRISCO, TX - March 4, 2021 – Levarté Travel is excited to announce it is open and ready for the dream makers of the world. Founded by CEO and travel veteran Lori Speers, this host travel...

Imagine in the land of Frisco, Texas, there lives a fun-loving, spunky, hardworking lady named Lori. She enjoys traveling and seeing the world. Her belief: adventure awaits!  For many years she had worked as a Travel Advisor, creating amazing experiences for her clients again and again....