Celebrating Excellence: Recognizing Achievements and Milestones in Our Travel Advisor Community

Celebrating Excellence: Recognizing Achievements and Milestones in Our Travel Advisor Community

In the competitive world of travel advising, recognizing and celebrating the achievements and milestones of our members is not just a nicety – it’s a necessity. At Levarté Travel, we understand the value of recognition in motivating and retaining top talent. In this blog, we’ll walk through the different types of achievements that set travel advisors apart and the unique ways our host agency honors and rewards our high-performing members.

The Importance of Achievements in the Travel Industry

Earning Certifications

Certifications are a cornerstone of professional development in the travel industry. A travel advisor’s certification from esteemed organizations like ASTA, CLIA, or The Travel Institute signifies a commitment to excellence and specialized knowledge. These certifications not only enhance the advisor’s expertise but also instill confidence in clients, making them more likely to book their travel through someone they see as a knowledgeable professional.

Certified advisors stand out in the industry, often leading to more bookings and increased client loyalty. In a marketplace crowded with competitors, certifications provide a tangible way to differentiate your expertise and experience from other advisors. They signal to both clients and industry partners that you’re dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of service and expertise.

Becoming a Top Producer

Being a top producer is a testament to an advisor’s hard work, dedication, and ability to deliver exceptional service to clients. This achievement often involves surpassing sales targets and demonstrating a consistent ability to generate significant revenue. Top producers are not only successful in selling travel but also in building lasting relationships with clients and industry partners.

Top producers gain visibility within the industry, often attracting more lucrative opportunities and partnerships. By recognizing and celebrating top producers, we highlight the pathways to success and motivate your peers to strive for similar achievements.

Entering the Winner’s Circle

The Levarté Travel President’s Club represents the pinnacle of success within our host agency. Advisors who enter this exclusive circle have demonstrated outstanding performance in selling travel and upholding the highest standards in our agency. Membership in the President’s Club is more than just an accolade; it’s a recognition of sustained excellence and a benchmark for others to aspire to. This recognition can lead to new business opportunities, invitations to exclusive events, like how several of our advisors were invited to join an exclusive sailing on the Icon of the Seas, and the ability to influence industry trends and practices.

How Levarté Recognizes and Rewards Top Performers

The President’s Club: An All-Expenses-Paid Retreat

One of the most prestigious forms of recognition at Levarté is the President’s Club membership. Our top-performing advisors are treated to an all-expenses-paid retreat at a luxurious destination each year. 

LevUp Star Club: Bonus for Outstanding Performance

Another way we recognize exceptional achievement is through the LevUp Star Club. Advisors who reach this level receive a substantial cash prize as a tangible reward for their hard work and dedication. This recognition highlights the financial benefits of striving for excellence and provides additional motivation for advisors to push their limits.

Annual Retreat: Public Recognition Among Peers

Our annual L.I.F.T. retreat is a highlight of the year, bringing together our community of travel advisors for networking, learning, and celebration. During this event, we take the opportunity to publicly recognize and honor our top performers in front of their peers. This public acknowledgment serves as a powerful motivator and a source of pride for the recipients.

We believe in amplifying the success of our top performers by giving them time in the spotlight. By promoting their accomplishments, we help our advisors build their personal brands and establish themselves as thought leaders in the travel industry. This increased visibility can lead to more business opportunities and partnerships, further driving their success.

We are proud to support our advisors in their journey to success and remain committed to providing the opportunities and recognition they need to thrive in the competitive travel industry. Ready to be recognized with a host that helps you build your travel business? Join today > https://hub.levartetravel.com/auth/register/