What Makes a Travel Agent Great?

What Makes a Travel Agent Great?

In the age of the internet, there’s an incredible amount of complexity awaiting your average traveler. The role of the agent hasn’t changed significantly through the years, but our market has. Agents still elevate the experience of travel, make complicated itineraries easy, and handle changing plans with grace. So what can a travel agent do to provide exceptional service, showcase their insider knowledge, and make themselves crucial to a traveler who could otherwise book a trip themselves? The answer starts with putting yourself in the shoes of your clients.

What do you want from your travel agent? How could they make themselves indispensable to you, and make you feel so inspired about your trip – before, during and after – that you couldn’t help but tell everyone in your social circle about them? What makes a travel agent great? 

Knowledgeable and Passionate About Travel

A great travel agent is not just a booking expert; they are seasoned globetrotters with an insatiable passion for exploration. Our members are more than just professionals – they are enthusiasts who immerse themselves in the world of travel, constantly updating their knowledge about new destinations, emerging trends, and hidden gems.

Clients benefit from agents who can share firsthand experiences, recommend off-the-beaten-path attractions, and provide insights that go beyond a simple Google search. And our own commitment to cultivating a team of travel aficionados ensures that clients receive only the very best.

Clear and Timely Communication

A great travel agent excels at transparent and timely communication with clients. A fantastic agent goes the extra mile to keep clients informed at every stage of their journey.

Imagine having an agent who provides real-time updates on flight delays, communicates changes in itineraries promptly, and ensures that all client queries are addressed with clarity. This not only establishes trust but also contributes to a stress-free travel experience, where clients can confidently rely on their agent to navigate any unforeseen challenges.

Creative Problem-Solver

Travel, with all its wonders, is not immune to challenges. A great travel agent possesses the ability to navigate these challenges with creativity and finesse. Unforeseen circumstances can happen at any time and great agents are equipped with problem-solving skills that turn obstacles into opportunities.

Whether it’s adjusting to last-minute changes, solving logistical issues, or addressing unexpected hiccups during travel, a great agent thrives on finding innovative solutions. 

Entrepreneurial Spirit

An entrepreneurial spirit sets great travel agents apart by enabling them to think outside the box and craft personalized experiences for their clients. Levarté fosters this spirit by encouraging our agents to approach each client with a fresh perspective and an eagerness to know what would make their unique journey unforgettable. 

An entrepreneurial travel agent doesn’t settle for the conventional; they seek out exclusive opportunities and curate experiences that align with the individual preferences of their clients. 

The mark of a great agent lies in the ability to transcend the traditional role and become a true companion in the journey of exploration. By embodying these traits, agents can redefine the travel experience, transforming it into an art form that goes beyond the ordinary, ensuring each client embarks on a journey of a lifetime.Learn more now about partnering with Levarté Travel for a new agency or one you already own, click here!