Yes, Winter is Actually a Great Time to Join or switch to a New a Host Agency

Yes, Winter is Actually a Great Time to Join or switch to a New a Host Agency

In the rhythm of the travel world, there are ebbs and flows. But like the seasoned traveler who knows to explore popular destinations during the off-season, the shrewd travel professional knows that the quieter times are ripe with opportunity. If you’re considering joining a host agency or starting your own business within one, now is the ideal moment. And the reasons might surprise you. 

Winter is a natural downtime for many people. Between holidays and the cooler weather driving everyone indoors and into a cozy blanket, bookings tend to decelerate. This is when you’re presented with a valuable opportunity. Rather than seeing it as a downturn, think of it as a great time for business building and personal development. With fewer bookings to manage, there’s more time to focus on the bigger picture: building the foundation of your business.

The slower season isn’t a hiatus—it’s a training ground. With less time spent coordinating bookings and checking in with clients and suppliers, you can spend more time training on destinations and deepening your knowledge of those suppliers. And at Levarté, training isn’t just about understanding destinations or packages. It’s a comprehensive curriculum that ranges from understanding global travel trends, sharpening your marketing strategies, to fine-tuning your sales pitch.

This period is not just about making the most of now, but also about fortifying for the future. Taking time to double down on your business practices and your brand ensures that your business will be resilient to the cyclical nature of the travel world. What other time of the year will you have enough hours to dedicate to creating content, polishing your website and taking a good hard look at your planning fees to keep pace with the market?

While high season is exhilarating and rewarding, it’s our opinion that the quieter times shape the successful travel business. Partnering with a host agency, especially during this phase, isn’t just about weathering the slowdown but about harnessing it. And with the positive outlook on remote work, in-depth training at your fingertips, and tools for strategic planning, there’s no better time to join a host agency and script your success story.

As always, Levarté Travel’s knowledgeable team is here to help aspiring travel professionals and veteran advisors to build strong companies. Want to learn more about joining? Apply today and a team member will be in touch!