6 Reasons Why Experienced Travel Advisors Should Join a Host Agency 

6 Reasons Why Experienced Travel Advisors Should Join a Host Agency 

In the fast-paced and evolving world of travel, staying ahead of the game is crucial for travel business owners. That’s where Levarté Travel comes in. As a seasoned travel professional, you’re already familiar with the industry’s complexities and have made strides to set yourself apart from the competition. But have you considered the transformative benefits that partnering with a host agency can bring to your existing business? Here are 6 reasons why joining Levarté Travel is the best move for your career. 

  1. You’ll get the industry’s best tools to success 

Levarté equips you with the tools and resources every business owner relies on – but we do it better than anyone. Our powerful CRM is more than just your digital rolodex – it’s an all-inclusive dashboard that houses your client information and bookings, integrates with your business’ website, tracks payments and even automates your marketing efforts. It’s a multi-tool that we’re constantly working to make even better for our members. 

Marketing plays a huge role in your business development. As a Levarté member, you’ll have access to marketing resources, including your own custom website and custom email templates to advertise your business and send regular communications to your network. 

  1. You’ll develop strong relationships with key suppliers and partners

We’ve worked hard over the years to establish and build great relationships with key industry associations and suppliers, including ASTA, ALGV, Celebrity Cruises, Delta Vacations, CLIA, and many more. When you join our agency, you’ll gain entrance to these associations at a reduced rate, which can open doors to exclusive deals, preferential treatment, and insider insights. These relationships can be game-changers in the competitive travel industry, allowing you to offer your clients unbeatable travel experiences that set you apart.

Our network of suppliers extends beyond just transactions. We facilitate networking opportunities, enabling you to forge meaningful relationships with suppliers and industry leaders. These connections can lead to exclusive perks and collaborative ventures that enhance your business’s competitiveness and client satisfaction.

  1. You’ll stay engaged with weekly, monthly and quarterly live trainings

We strongly believe in continuous learning and professional development – continuing education is foundational to our mission. You’ll have the opportunity to participate in regular live training sessions, conducted weekly, monthly, and quarterly. These sessions are your gateway to staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends, gaining insights from experienced professionals on specific destinations, and continually sharpening your business acumen.

Our live trainings cover a wide range of topics, from destination-specific knowledge to sales and marketing strategies. They’re conducted by industry experts and are tailored to address the specific challenges and opportunities faced by travel advisors. By participating in these sessions, you not only enhance your expertise but also build a network of like-minded professionals who can offer valuable insights and support.

  1. You’ll amplify your earnings 

When you partner with us, you gain access to top commission rates from key suppliers in the travel industry. We understand that maximizing your earnings is a top priority, and we make it possible by guiding you towards suppliers that offer the most lucrative commissions. Plus, we provide you with the flexibility to choose the suppliers that align with your business strategy, giving you the freedom to tailor your offerings while still boosting your revenue.

Our dedication to maximizing your earnings goes hand-in-hand with our commitment to transparency. We provide you with comprehensive insights into commission structures, helping you make informed decisions that benefit your bottom line. Additionally, our team continually evaluates industry trends to identify emerging opportunities for revenue growth.

  1. You’ll wow your clients with luxury perks and amenities 

We provide exclusive amenities and benefits from preferred suppliers that cater to the affluent traveler. These perks can make all the difference when it comes to delighting your clients and ensuring their loyalty. With access to these luxury offerings, you can elevate the travel experiences you offer, setting yourself apart in a competitive market.

Our commitment to delivering luxury experiences extends to our supplier relationships. We work closely with high-end suppliers to negotiate exclusive deals and packages that you can offer to your clients. These luxury perks can be a significant selling point, allowing you to attract discerning travelers and enhance your reputation as a go-to advisor for luxury travel.

  1. You’ll learn from the best in the industry

As a Levarté member, you have exclusive access to our leadership team that has a combined 50+ years of industry knowledge and experience. Our CEO, Lori Speers, has not only decades of experience of being a travel advisor but has also built her own successful business to help others grow. Are you dreaming of leveling up and adding members to your own team? Lori and other leadership team members are here to guide you toward building a thriving team of professional travel advisors. 

Additionally, you’ll have access to our MentorDesk, a support tool where you can ask questions and get personalized feedback in a 30, 45 or 60 minute appointment with an experienced team member. Whether you need help posting a particularly complicated booking or need strategic advice on branding, you’re only a short Zoom or FaceTime call away from getting the help you need.

Wherever you are in your business development, Levarté has the keys to success.

Levarté’s reputation as a trusted and established travel host agency paves the way for our members to attract clients and solidify great relationships with partners and suppliers. From increasing your earnings and accessing a diverse portfolio to benefiting from cutting-edge technology and personalized support, Levarté Travel is committed to helping you grow. Want to learn more about joining? Apply today and a team member will be in touch!