What’s the Real ROI of Owning a Travel Business?

ROI of a Travel Business

What’s the Real ROI of Owning a Travel Business?

What does it cost to start a travel business?

Starting any business requires investment, but the good news is starting your travel business with a host agency keeps your costs relatively low and affordable. You don’t need to invest in any equipment or resources that might eat into your upfront costs like a traditional business, and with Levarté, many of the functions of your business, like marketing and back office tasks, are baked into your monthly membership dues. 

How do travel advisors make money?

As an independent agent, you’ll have the ability to set your own rates, choose the type of clients you want to work with and sell a variety of travel products.

Advisor income primarily comes from commission-based sales. When you book travel for your clients, you’ll receive a commission from the travel supplier, like a hotel or cruise line. In addition to commissions, you can also charge a service fee to your clients for your time and expertise.

By working with a host agency like Levarté, you can also access exclusive perks and discounts, which can increase your earning potential. For example, Levarté negotiates preferred rates with certain vendors and can offer access to training programs, like our partnership with The Travel Institute, and industry events all throughout the year.

Why do host agencies charge membership dues?

Levarté provides countless resources and educational opportunities to our members. By partnering with us, you can access benefits like our extensive CRM, custom website builder, marketing resources and ongoing training to keep up with our constantly-evolving industry. 

Members of a host agency may also gain access to travel suppliers, training and education, marketing materials, and more. Depending on your level of experience and clientele, additional expenses may include professional insurance and memberships in professional organizations. There are also perks to be found here: Levarté can offer its advisors discounts on organization dues thanks to its relationships with these professional groups.

The return on investment is significant with a host agency. While there are upfront costs associated with launching a travel business, becoming a travel advisor can be a lucrative career choice. So if you’re passionate about travel and want to turn that passion into a fulfilling career, becoming a travel advisor with Levarté may be the right choice for you!