Make Client Appreciation an Integral Aspect of Your Brand

Client Appreciation Blog Dec. 2022

Make Client Appreciation an Integral Aspect of Your Brand

Travel advising is personal. As a professional travel agent, your goal is to learn as much as you can about your clients and their true aspirations for a trip. Do they want an escape? To relive a moment from their past? What’s their motivation for traveling in the first place? Who do they want to be?

When you make the effort to discover clients’ personal taste and desires, listen attentively and collaborate, you make a powerful impression to your clients that your brand goes above and beyond the usual to create trips beyond their dreams.

Make an impact 

The anticipation phase, 30-60 days out, is as powerful as the feelings your client experiences on their trip. Use this golden window of opportunity to send clients a reminder that you’re thinking of them and are equally excited. If you know their favorite store or brand, look out for sales or specials they may be running. Share the weather forecast or events happening during their stay. These small touchpoints keep you connected and heighten their anticipation even more.

Listen and take notes 

Be attention when your client is sharing details of their life. Is this a celebratory trip, or a meaningful getaway? Have they been stressed at work recently and are craving an unplugged vacation? Gather these details and make it your mission to delight them. If you’ve heard them mention they’re a foodie, book a cooking class for them. If they need a break from reality, offer to book a spa package. Being an active listener will make a difference. 

Be collaborative

The internet has made travel planning much more accessible, and clients are probably doing a good amount of research before and while you work with them. Use this as a way to connect with them and take an interest in what they’ve found online. Ask what deals they’ve come across and use your industry connections to see if you can deliver something similar or even better. This will also help shape their profile and give you a better picture of their interests. 

Client appreciation encompasses more than delivering on expectations. Going above and beyond for clients shows them what your brand is all about and helps you stand out in a crowded industry.