Serious about selling travel? Why a host agency is the best fit for you.

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Serious about selling travel? Why a host agency is the best fit for you.

If you’re just breaking into the travel industry and want to get serious about selling travel as an established business, it helps to have a trusted source of information to go to. We’re here to help you figure out the right path for you and your professional aspirations as you pursue a career in the travel industry. 

What’s a host agency?

Our friends at Host Agency Reviews have a great definition: “an umbrella organization that an independent agency can align with for better commissions, supplier relations and marketing/tech tools.” Host agencies can provide resources and expertise to experienced travel advisors with their own established businesses, new advisors and anyone with experience in between. 

Why should you join a host agency?

As a member of a host agency, you have access to resources that the general public doesn’t. Anyone can Google their way onto a cruise ship, but advisors can give firsthand accounts of different brands and lines and help clients select the right experience for them and the right option for any budget. Agencies also offer exclusive partnerships and training with vendors in order to help advisors to become experts in niche travel categories. 

What’s unique about Levarté

We’ve mentioned in several blogs the many benefits of our host agency. From our advantageous commission structures and payouts to our training opportunities, Levarté affords countless opportunities for our advisors to become experts in selling travel, and gain more clients with each passing year. Our marketing toolkit provides a robust CRM, marketing automation to regularly keep in touch with clients, and a custom website to complement your travel business’s brand. 

Because we’re veterans in the travel industry, we can help you scale your business, offer personalized service and do it all with a passion for our members! Want to learn more? Start by registering with us and we’ll contact you about our membership opportunities.