Show Me the Money: How Levarté Takes Care of Your Commission

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Show Me the Money: How Levarté Takes Care of Your Commission

Advisors work incredibly hard to provide excellent service to their clients, stay in touch with the latest travel trends and build their business brands. That’s why we’ve taken efforts to make the LevartèHUB, our back office logistics as seamless as possible so our advisors are satisfactorily paid! Commission is everyone’s favorite subject, so let’s dive into the ways membership with Levartè benefits your wallet. 

Weekly payouts – Easily the most impressive benefit to being an advisor with Levartè is our weekly payout structure. Getting paid on time is of the utmost importance and we pride ourselves on this distinctive benefit of our host agency. 

Direct deposit – Setting up your banking information is pain-free. We want to make sure that there are no roadblocks to you getting paid, so inputting your bank information takes only a few minutes with a simple form.

Claiming – Claiming commission can be a long and painstaking process with some agencies, but our simple form makes it easy to claim your commission and get paid quickly. Also, there are no invoices needed in the HUB, so it’s less paperwork for you to keep track of. (Note: A few hotels require an invoice to be sent to the property by the Advisor, it is just not part of our process.)

Projected commission – Your Levartè hub is where you can find recent paid commissions and track your expected earnings. You’ll see your projected commissions in a simple report, making it easy to see what’s come in and what’s on its way to you.