Here’s What You Should Know About Onboarding With Levarté Travel

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Here’s What You Should Know About Onboarding With Levarté Travel

If you’ve made the decision to join a host agency, congratulations! Whether you’re a new travel advisor or have been serving clients for years, making the switch to an agency is a big step for your career. You may be hesitant about the transition, but at Levarté, we take extra care to make the application and onboarding process smooth and personalized to you. 

Membership Process

Starting a membership with Levarté begins by submitting an application with your personal and professional information. After you submit, our team will take care in reviewing your application and assessing your business, which includes a virtual meet and greet with our leadership team. This is an informal meeting where you can tell us about your passion for travel, your desire to join a network of travel professionals and your plan for growing your business and where you want to focus. It’s our chance to get to know you! All that’s left after that meeting is to confirm your membership.  


Once you’re officially enrolled as a member, your training begins. For new advisors, this means a two-week, on-demand training course as an introduction to the industry and the Levarté Way. We’ve also partnered with the experts at The Travel Institute to offer certification and additional resources for travel advisors of any level looking to deepen their industry knowledge. For more experienced members, you’ll jump in with the Levarté Way, quick-start training and any supplier training you may need. If you’d like to add industry credentials to your resume, you have access to those opportunities as well. 

Once onboarding is complete, you’re ready to start selling with Levarté. Switching agencies or starting out with an agency may feel a little bumpy if you’re going it alone. We assist you along every step of the way with personalized support based on your business and expertise.