Growing Your Business with Industry Partnerships

August 2022 Partnership Blog

Growing Your Business with Industry Partnerships

Levarté memberships offer many technical advantages, like custom websites, back-office support and a robust CRM, but some of the greatest highlights of our memberships are the travel industry partnerships. These are relationships with cruise, technology and education vendors or providers that can help you broaden your expertise and lift you up as a travel professional, which is why the Levarté management team continues to seek out these partnerships across multiple areas of hospitality. These “add ons” are some of the most valuable business opportunities you gain as a member. Let’s dive into the different partnerships and why they’re so important.


Travel advisors that become CLIA certified sell 2.5 times more than non-certified advisors. We believe professional memberships are critical to your success as an advisor, which is why we offer special pricing on CLIA memberships, plus reimbursement of your first-year dues. This membership also includes four complementary CLIA courses, which can help you deepen your knowledge of the cruise industry and help you sell more. Additionally, you receive advisor rates when cruising, enabling you to take more trips yourself and experience what you’re selling first-hand. 

The Travel Institute

Certification with The Travel Institute is the gold standard in higher education for travel professionals. Levarté members can choose from The Travel Institute’s TRIPKit experience or Certified Travel Associate (CTA) certification. TRIPKit is another foundational element for any travel advisor relatively new to the industry or with a few years of experience. The CTA program is self-paced and offers additional resources to travel advisors of any level looking to deepen their industry knowledge and learn from peers via a dedicated support group. Levarté offers both training tracks at a reduced cost to its members. 


Winning over clients is easier when you can hand them a beautiful trip itinerary. Travefy helps advisors share professional-looking quotes and proposals to clients. Plus, we offer some of the most competitive pricing in the host agency world, meaning you save on this valuable resource while enhancing your brand and standing out from other businesses. You can also take advantage of dedicated Travefy training to solidify your knowledge of the tool.

Levarté’s Professional Growth Resources

In past blogs, we’ve covered the range of member benefits that are exclusive to our host agency, and it doesn’t hurt to recap some of those here, as we believe partner add ons go hand in hand with our internal resources for business growth. 

MemberDesk is our personalized feedback channel that’s available to book for 30-, 45- or 60-minute sessions. You can schedule one of these calls with a Levarté Travel team member and get help with tackling any business challenge in front of you. Our WAVE Camps are intensive training weekends where Levarté members learn from experts on all facets of the industry and owning a business. These in-person and virtual events are held quarterly and are excellent opportunities for networking and growing your circle of trusted industry relationships.

Lastly, the Levarté mission, “Lifting professionals up with a career in travel,” isn’t something we just print on business cards. We do right by our members by offering valuable tools and a dedicated team of experts available 24/7 to make your dream a success. Our mission is our promise to make your travel business everything it can be with the right technology, mentorship opportunities and a community to lift you up in your business.