Is Your Website Working as Hard as You?

July Blog - Website as a tool

Is Your Website Working as Hard as You?

If you’re a member of our host agency, you have access to a custom website that helps to market your business. This itself is a powerful tool for independent advisors that comes at no additional cost to your membership. A branded website is a major cornerstone of your brand and immediately advertises that you’re a legitimate travel business. But are you taking advantage of all your website has to offer?

Using the Offers tab for marketing  

Your clients want to know you’re thinking about them. And the best way to make them feel like they’re on your radar is to routinely touch base (a topic we covered in last month’s blog) through marketing and personalized offers. One of the greatest benefits of our advisors’ custom sites is the Offers tab, where advisors can list hand-picked deals and vacation packages for their clients. 

Many travelers are used to browsing multiple websites to find deals. If they’re serious travelers, they subscribe to newsletters, blogs and even pay for access to travel insights. They have their favorite deal hunters and experts they trust – and you can be in that trusted group. By using the Offers tab as a marketing tool to send curated deals and travel offers, you can more easily connect with clients and show them you care about their experiences. 

The Offers on your website are sourced by the Levarté team and you have control over which deals you display. If you’re on the lookout for a European river cruise package for a select group of clients, you can display that Viking River Cruise deal that’s offered in your tab and send it as part of an email blast. This also helps you stay on top of current promotions and keeps your clients’ bucket lists top of mind.

And if “marketing” sounds exhausting or too impersonal to you, find an approach that works for you and feels natural for your brand. Reaching out individually can work just as well as an email blast, better in fact if your client appreciates the personal note. 

Hosting group landing pages

Another no-added-cost benefit to your personal website is the ability to design custom landing pages for group bookings. These pages are designed to be flexible and yet robust enough to act as a portal for client trips. They can host trip information, show the latest inventory and help clients book directly on your page. Plus, clients can create accounts on your site and securely house their personal information, making future bookings much easier for both of you. They can store their payment information, membership and rewards account numbers, a list of special dates – all of which help you build a detailed client profile. 

If you haven’t taken the time to explore the Offers and landing page functions of your website, we highly encourage you to take the time. They’re added benefits for your clients and can make integral parts of your business, like marketing, that much easier.