Personal Touches That Turn One-Time Customers Into Lifelong Clients

Personal Touches to create lifelong clients

Personal Touches That Turn One-Time Customers Into Lifelong Clients

This month we’re talking about the right amount of client interactions, or customer appreciation touches, that make clients repeatedly come back to your business and turn them into customers for life. 

Thoughtful, personalized touches turn one-time customers into long-term clients. As you’ll see in this article, communicating with clients about their trips is more than sending itineraries (although that’s a piece of it). It’s about making clients feel special, like you’ve been thinking about them, building each trip with care, and anticipating it as much as they have. 

So, what are the client touches you should be making as a travel advisor?

Having a bucket list conversation

Collaboration with your client is important. Having conversations dedicated to their likes and preferences will help you select trips and experiences that will check all their boxes. But we encourage you to go even further with these collaborative discussions. Get to know your clients’ big-ticket items. What are the places they’ve always wanted to go, or resorts they’ve always wanted to stay at? Knowing that Sue has always dreamed of visiting the Taj Mahal will give you more insight into her personality and desires as a traveler. You can start keeping an eye out for specials in India, and when you come across an unbeatable vacation and send it to her, Sue will be thrilled you remembered. Keeping mental track of multiple client bucket lists can start to feel disorganized, so use the client profile form in your CRM to document these important details.

Filling the anticipation phase with excitement

We recommend at least one personal check-in with your client before their trip, between 2-4 weeks out from their departure. This is the anticipation phase, the window of time when they’re starting to think about what to pack, how to arrange for pet or child care, and reminding their bosses they’ll be out of office. It’s a highly emotional time for your client, and you can add to this excitement by letting them know with a quick email or text that you’re also counting down the days. In fact, sending a countdown is a brilliant idea to get them in the traveling mindset. 

If you see that Macy’s is having a sale on luggage, tell them about the promotion. Or if their favorite clothing brand has a coupon code, let them know they can save extra on new clothes for their trip. Tap into the emotion of the time right before starting on a new adventure, and you’ll be able to share it together.   

Going the extra mile to surprise and delight

Your connection with a client can be strengthened even further with a small gesture while they’re traveling. Ordering a bottle of champagne for their arrival at the hotel is a simple but effective touch. Know their favorite candy or flower? Ask the hotel to provide these upon check-in. These customer appreciation gifts will let them know you’re thinking about them. We commend dedicating 8-10% of your commission per booking to these delightful gestures. 

And remember: All businesses are constantly searching for the secret to clients’ happiness. It won’t be one-size-fits-all, but you also don’t have to overthink it. Plus, you have the Levarté team behind you helping you discover your own niche and sustained success in the travel business industry.