Levarté Academy: Train Smarter

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Levarté Academy: Train Smarter

In last month’s blog, we discussed the many tools Levarté Travel members have at their disposal to build up their career in travel. This month, we’ll take it a step further by highlighting the training opportunities members have to gain more industry knowledge and become experts in the profession. Advanced training not only reflects positively on you personally, but it’s an additional credit to your business, and clients will feel more confident in choosing you. 

Levarté Academy

Levarté offers several tracks for training, depending on your experience as a travel advisor. First, if you’re a LevNew member and newer to the travel industry, you’ll have the opportunity to take a two-week, on-demand and in-depth training course on the basics of the industry where you’ll gain access to all the essential information you need to start booking trips for clients. At the end of your two-week course, you’ll take a certification test. 

The next level of Levarté Academy introduces a higher education element to your training, along with an exciting partnership with The Travel Institute. Travel advisors at this level can choose from The Travel Institute’s TRIPKit experience or Certified Travel Associate (CTA) certification. TRIPKit is another foundational element for any travel advisor relatively new to the industry or with a few years of experience. The CTA program is self-paced and offers additional resources to travel advisors of any level looking to deepen their industry knowledge and learn from peers via a dedicated support group. Levarté offers both training tracks at a reduced cost to its members. 

Experienced Advisors

If you’re an industry veteran looking to join a host agency, Levarté can help you continue to find success. With our quick-start training, we’ll get you up to speed on the Levarté way. Levarté Academy also offers supplier training, where you’ll be trained on individual suppliers’ products so you have a thorough understanding of what they can offer your clients. And our MentorDesk is another avenue of support if you ever need a quick word of advice or have a question for our experts. 

Business Training

In addition to Levarté Academy, we offer several critical resources for both new and experienced travel advisors. First, a custom website designed to attract clients and expertise your skills as an advisor. Second, a CRM platform to help you easily reach more clients and connect to those you already work with regularly. Third, we’ve partnered with Travefy to give our members beautiful custom quotes and itineraries that help you stand out from competitors. We also offer social media and marketing training for those advisors particularly focused on building brand presence.

It’s never too early or too late to take advantage of Levarté’s numerous training opportunities. In addition to the self-guided, virtual sessions, we offer in-person training sessions and seminars every quarter at our Wave Camps. Be sure to sign up for our emails so you never miss an announcement of new and exciting training happening with Levarté. And follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to catch all the latest news.