5 Tools to Fuel Your Travel Business

5 Tools to Fuel Your Travel Business

5 Tools to Fuel Your Travel Business

As much as a Travel Advisor relies on industry knowledge, connections, and above all, a fierce passion for travel, you need reliable tools to grow a successful travel agency. This month, we’re focusing on the amazing resources and tools Levarté Travel offers to its members. This digital toolkit can help you easily reach more contacts, save time and effort on developing your personal brand, and ultimately, help make clients’ dreams come true. 

What’s more, because the costs of purchasing or licensing these tools are built into your Levarté Travel membership, and aren’t additional expenses for your business (as is the case with some other agencies) your membership is exponentially more valuable. 

Now, let’s get into the tools. 

#1. A professional, custom website 

Clients expect a smart, informative website from their travel agent. You can help inspire confidence in your brand by building a website where clients can easily explore your offers, learn more about your expertise, and contact you for a quote. This doesn’t mean you have to be an expert in web design or development. You can work from a simple, easy template that looks professional and maintains privacy and security, all with minimal effort. You can add as many deals and offers to your website as you like, and tailor it to your own branding and style. Plus, these offers can be emailed to your database weekly or monthly, saving you additional time. 

Like we mentioned earlier, this can come at an additional cost with other agencies but is free with your membership with Levarté Travel. The domain and web hosting, which typically cost about $15 and $10 per month, respectively, are also covered. 

#2. A comprehensive, up-to-date vendor inventory

Keeping a hodge-podge list of vendor contacts is difficult, and it often won’t be your best source of information if it’s not updated regularly. Our vendor list includes everything you need to know about an individual vendor, including:

  • Destinations they offer
  • Rewards program details (if they have one)
  • Training on their specific offers
  • Perks exclusive to Travel Advisors
  • Business Development Manager (BDM) contact information
  • And much more

Referring to this vendor list is a good habit for agents, no matter what level of experience. It’s a gold mine of information on cruise, air, tour, and all-inclusive vendors that can enhance both your experience and your clients’.

#3. MentorDESK

As a member of Levarté Travel, you’re never on your own. MentorDESK is Levarté Travel’s support tool where you can ask questions and get personalized feedback from an expert. You can schedule a 30, 45 or 60 minute appointment with a Levarté Travel team member, and depending on your needs, we’ll connect you to the right expert. Whether you need help posting a booking or need advice on branding your business, you’re only a short Zoom or FaceTime call away from getting the help you need.  

#4. Special pricing on Travefy 

Travefy is a great tool that helps Travel Advisors submit professional-looking quotes and proposals to clients. You can fuel the excitement and passion of your clients just by sharing a beautiful itinerary with them, one that will make them already start thinking about booking their next trip with you. Plus, we offer some of the most competitive pricing in the host agency world on Travefy, meaning you save on this valuable resource while enhancing your brand and standing out from other agencies. 

#5. Resources to help you stay efficient and save time while growing your business

Posting a booking is often a time-intensive task and can take time away from connecting with your actual clients. Luckily, we offer a quick booking form that saves you from having to fill out unnecessary fields – all you need to submit is the essential information and you’re done. Additionally, our travel document templates, like credit card authorization forms, are your key to quickly and securely collecting information.

Bonus tool: Levarté Travel Advisors private Facebook group

This exclusive group is a valuable resource for Advisors and a great way to network with your fellow members. If you have questions for other members, need recommendations, or want an easy way to keep up with Levarté Travel announcements and giveaways, this is your place. 

Levarté Travel’s mission, to lift professionals up through a career in travel, drives everything we do and is the basis for offering these tools and resources to our members. From custom websites, a comprehensive vendor database, access to industry mentors, and more, these resources can help you excel in 2022 and beyond. Don’t forget to follow us on social media where we’ll highlight these tools throughout the month of February and share how you can benefit from incorporating them into your agency toolkit for a stronger, smarter business.