Happy Anniversary Levarté Travel – Things we learned in the first year

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Happy Anniversary Levarté Travel – Things we learned in the first year

Wow, what a fantastic year we have had! Of course we have a team that comprises 65+ years of experience, but it was still our first year as Team Levarté Travel!

As we reflect, we are grateful for all the feedback from suppliers, industry partners, and our Travel Advisor Members; you are all helping us be the “best in class” host agency we strive to be; thank you.

Here are a few things you may not be aware that we offer:

  • custom website included in a member’s subscription
  • client relationship management (CRM) tool that houses all your client profiles and information to stay connected to them and manage their bookings
  • email send tool that lets you send supplier offers or payment reminders with just a few clicks
  • wholesale travel tool to make it quick and easy to book those quick getaways for you or your clients
  • mentor desk that allows our members to book 30, 45, or 60-minute appointments with an expert to help get them to the next step in starting or growing their travel business – we call this our LevMENTOR Desk
  • exclusive supplier training just for our members every Wednesday night

One of the cool things about being part of Levarté Travel is thinking of new things to offer members to help them be better. Our recent addition of special pricing for Travefy and coming soon is a relationship with the Travel Institute for higher education and training for our members.

So when you are ready, catch the wave and join Levarté Travel! Check out our membership levels now, click here.