Freedom & Flexibility with Levarte Travel – The perfect Partner your travel business

November 2021 Blog

Freedom & Flexibility with Levarte Travel – The perfect Partner your travel business

Travel Advisors are afforded a lot of flexibility. I am able to decide as a business owner what makes the most sense – partnering with a host agency or working independently. With this freedom comes a lot of questions: What does this look like financially for my business? When will I break even and start becoming profitable under each model?

Through my experience in the industry, I have found the perfect solution. Find the host agency that gives you – the CEO and Travel Advisor – freedom to run your business like you want to. This means the freedom to:

  • Book clients with any vendors or suppliers.
  • Develop your brand and be your own boss.
  • Become a specialist in the destinations and tours you choose.
  • Make your own schedule and work from anywhere.

This ideal working scenario may sound easy to accomplish, but some agencies and travel companies have strict guidelines that their travel agents need to adhere to. Levarté Travel builds scalable backend systems to help everyone’s travel business including entrepreneurs that are new to the industry as well as seasoned veterans with robust client lists. The tools and training offered through Levarte support you as the CEO and Travel Advisor while also giving you the freedom to run your travel business your way.

Another amazing resource through the Levarté Travel team is their continued education which helps accelerate your business to become more profitable quicker. Their ongoing training includes: 

  • Weekly webinars from various suppliers that provide networking opportunities and fresh ideas. 
  • Exclusive member-only supplier webinars each Wednesday night.
  • Familiarization (FAM) trips across the globe. 
  • In-person Wave Camps which are two- or three-day get-together to network with other members and BDMs from the suppliers, plus interactive learnings on how to be a professional CEO of a travel business.

So, if you are looking for the perfect work life balance when owning your own travel business, take a look at Levarté Travel. I have found their competitive commission, back-office system, and support has taken my travel business to the next level. It could do the same for you.

Learn more now. Click here to explore current membership packages. As a bonus, if you have experience selling travel, you can join LevUP or higher, and your registration fee will be $0 for the rest of November 2021.