We are serious about selling travel: Tools and Programs

Serious About Selling Travel

We are serious about selling travel: Tools and Programs

With today’s technology, anyone can be a Travel Advisor, which can be daunting, especially with the ongoing changes and restrictions due to COVID. It is crucial to look for a host agency that helps travel experts – like you – get the training on how to book and learn more about strategies to maximize your agency’s revenue.

Is your host agency chatting with you about best practices on charging research fees? Travel Advisors can spend a lot of time coming up with itineraries for clients just for them to change their minds and book on their own. Charging a research fee, that can be applied to their travel booking, is a great way to see if your client is serious about booking with you.

What about ongoing training and support? Does your current host offer ongoing training on building your business? At Levarté Travel, we have supplier training once a week and a session with our CEO and Founder, Lori Speers, every other week, just talking about the industry. During these unique sessions, Lori shares best practices, marketing, and more. We are serious about selling travel.

How is your host agency rewarding you for booking travel? We just launched a new membership program – LevUP PLUS! It gives Travel Advisors 5% extra commission on their bookings at no additional cost. Once a Travel Advisor has their IATA card (the equivalent of $5K in commission) the Advisor member can upgrade to earn even more on their bookings.

How does your host agency sweeten the deal? Do they offer specialized awards programs? Just recently launched, we incentive our agents to be a top producers in their field. This isn’t just for the experts that have been in the travel selling industry for years, but for up and comers in the industry as well. Our Rising Star category is for LevNEW members that just went through the Levarté Academy and started selling travel. Learn more now.

We want to maximize opportunities for all travel advisors in the business. These simple but effective programs can help your work take you and your clients even farther.