Light Bulb Moment: It is a no brainer

LT Blog July 2021

Light Bulb Moment: It is a no brainer

“Like so many other moms, planning our family’s vacation falls to me every year. And this year it dawned on me: I was going to be booking the travel for everyone anyway, so why not earn a commission by becoming a Levarté Travel Advisor? I was doing all the legwork already so being rewarded for it was the best decision ever!”

That’s why Rachel Speers joined Levarté Travel. Rachel, who happens to be the daughter-in-law of CEO and Founder Lori Speers, knew about Levarté Travel in the abstract from conversations with Lori. But when Lori pointed out that Rachel could earn commission on the travel she was already planning to book, the abstract suddenly became very realistic.

“For me, the decision to apply to become a Travel Advisor was so easy,” Rachel says. “To earn money through commission on something I was already doing was a no-brainer.”

Levarté Travel was created with a range of Advisor levels, so whether you are new to the field (like Rachel) or if you’ve got decades of experience or if you’re somewhere in between, there is an Advisor level that’s perfect for you. 

Levarté Travel offers professional training and ongoing education along with unique features like an Advisor Hub and a Mentorship program. “I feel supported every step of the way,” says Rachel, “which is another reason why I love being a Travel Advisor. I run my own travel business, but when I need advice, Lori and the rest of the leadership team is ready to help. It’s the best feeling knowing that I’m my own boss, but there’s a safety net of guidance behind me if I need it.”

Do you already plan trips for family and friends? Maybe you should consider becoming a Travel Advisor like Rachel did. Click to apply today