Catch the Wave – Join Levarté Travel

Adventure Awaits - April Blog 2021

Catch the Wave – Join Levarté Travel

The beauty of Levarté Travel (beyond loving travel) is that we’ve already done a lot of behind-the-scenes work to help Travel Advisors succeed from the get-go. For example, when you apply and become a Travel Advisor, you gain access to a customizable web site that helps you book travel and process payments. You’ll also have access to Levarté Travel’s CRM tool, which can help you grow a client list, send client emails, and other marketing initiatives. Bonus: it’s also customizable.

Tina Rush, a Levarté Travel Advisor, joined the travel industry after three decades as an educator. “I was a high school literature teacher for 30 years, and I started my travel business about two years before I retired. Now I’ve been in the travel industry for 13 years, but when I heard Lori Speers was starting her own host agency, Levarté Travel, I knew I had to be a part of it. Lori is very respected in the industry and I knew that with her leadership, my own travel career would excel even more,” she says.

If you’re thinking of switching to a new career in travel, or even if you already have a travel business that could use a boost, Levarté Travel is the perfect place to apply. 

“Catch the wave!” says Tina. “Lori is a natural leader and she’s built a wonderful team that is the best of the best. Everyone at Levarté Travel wants its Travel Advisors to be successful, no matter your level of commitment—part-time, full-time, if you’re new or you’re experienced. Lori knows and loves this industry, and her passion is contagious. Everyone at Levarté Travel has been very helpful. The support is phenomenal and that’s been an amazing boost to my productivity!”

Interested in joining the Levarté Travel team as a Travel Advisor? Connect with us today and we’ll answer all your questions. “With Levarté, I feel like I’m exactly where I’m meant to be. It felt like coming home,” Tina says.