Day Dream LT March 2021 Blog


When Lori Speers first thought about creating a host travel agency, even before she decided to name it Levarté Travel, she knew it should be the bridge someone needed to begin a new career as a Travel Advisor. Most host agencies are great for professionals who have been in the business for many years, but not many agencies are suited for someone new to the travel industry. Lori created Levarté Travel to serve rookies, veterans, and those in between.

Levarté Travel is perfect for someone who has always daydreamed about a career in travel but never felt supported enough to take that first step. At the LevNEW level, those who have never worked in travel will have all the tools, support, and advice they’ll need to successfully launch a new career. Once you’ve joined as a LevNEW member, Levarté Travel will help you in building a web site and in marketing your new business. You’ll have access to LevartéCRM, an excellent suite of marketing tools, plus you’ll be able to ask seasoned pros for advice – including Lori herself.

If you’re not brand new to the industry but you would like to grow your business, join at the LevUP level. It’s designed for those who have some experience but want to learn and achieve more. If you’ve been in the business long enough to have an established clientele, join at the LevPRO level, which can help you grow your bottom line in a big way.

But if you’re currently working somewhere that doesn’t excite you, where you watch the clock all day, dreaming about a new career in travel, then Levarté Travel is for you. In fact, Lori Speers had someone like you in mind when she dreamed about opening Levarté Travel. Come join us! 

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