We Make it easy to be an Advisor

Travel Expertise, Marketing Tool Kit and Education

We Make it easy to be an Advisor

I’m Lori Speers, the CEO and Founder of Levarté Travel. For years, I dreamed of creating this host agency, and now it’s a reality. I welcome fellow dreamers to join me and enjoy the freedom of running your own travel business from anywhere in the world. 

We make it incredibly easy to become a Travel Advisor, even if you’re new to the travel industry. “Levarté” means to raise or to lift up, and that’s my goal for everyone who joins, whether you’re new to travel or you’re an industry veteran like I am. Choose from multiple levels of membership, from novice to expert. We will bring you along the entire adventure with training, support, and wonderful vacation opportunities. One of the things that makes Levarté Travel unique is that we offer training through Levarté Academy. We also have our own marketing tool kit to help you get the word out about your new business.

It’s even simpler than you might think to find clients. Debbie Davis, a Travel Advisor who is also on the leadership team, told me about the day she went to the courthouse in Reno, Nevada, to fight a speeding ticket. She started chatting with the woman sitting next to her as they waited. The woman’s husband was a local obstetrician who had been thinking about taking his staff to Disneyland as a thank you. Debbie gave the woman her contact information, and the next day she helped the doctor book a $20,000 group trip to Disneyland, resulting in a $2,000 commission for Debbie. I love that story because it shows that you never know when or where you might find clients!

Join Levarté Travel today and see how easy it really is.